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Girls Get WISE Science Retreat – a Rousing Success!

WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Acadia hosted a Girls Get WISE Science Retreat in the K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre on March 18th, 2016.  This event was open to girls in grades 7 and 8, as this is a critical age when girls may lose interest in, or are discouraged from, pursuing a career in science or science-related fields.

The girls were welcomed to the science retreat by Barb Anderson (Nutrition and WISE Acadia) and Dr. Anna Redden (Biology), Director of the Acadia Tidal Energy Institute, who set the context for the day’s priority: tidal energy and marine life. 

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Acadia Faculty voice their opinions on Nova Scotia’s role in harnessing the tides

The Athenaeum, official student newspaper of Acadia University, ran a series of opinion pieces from October 2015 to March 2016 from Acadia Faculty members on their opinions on Nova Scotia’s role in harnessing the tides . The full series can be accessed here or individual articles are listed below:


Tidal Series: Welcome

Tidal Series: An Interview with Dr. Paul Stephenson

Tidal Series: Tidal Energy – Pro-testing, not Protesting  Dr Anna Redden

Tidal Series: Can Tidal Energy Make Nova Scotia Green?  Dr Richard Karsten

Tidal Series: The Economics of Tidal Energy Development in Nova Scotia  Dr Shelley MacDougall

Tidal Series: Tidal Energy and The Community  Dr John Colton

Tidal Series: Tidal Energy – Where Are We Going?  Dr Graham Daborn


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top left: FAST-2, bottom left: FAST-1, right: Matthew Baker, an Acadia Master's student under the direction of Dr. Anna Redden, overlooks the ASL Fish Profiler.

ATEI members attend FORCE's Open House for Underwater Monitoring Platforms

Several ATEI members attended FORCE's open house to unveil two advanced underwater monitoring platforms at Dominion Diving in Dartmouth. 

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Project partners and funders mingling post announcement
Project partners and funders mingling post announcement

Federal and Provincial Support Announced for Continued Development of Nova Scotia Tidal Energy Mapping Tool

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency will provide a $65,000 investment to create a new geographic information system (GIS) mapping platform, which will help gather physical, environmental and infrastructure data from tidal sites along the Bay of Fundy and make the information accessible online.

Through this project, the Acadia Tidal Energy Institute, along with the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy and the Offshore Energy Research Association, is providing the sector with a tool that yields unprecedented insights into the potential inherent in tides.

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