The work of the Acadia Tidal Energy Institute is driven by a multidisciplinary team from Acadia University faculty, researchers and students and by partnerships with industry, communities, other academic institutions, government and non-governmental organizations.




       Dr. Anna Redden

       Director, Acadia Tidal Energy Institute
       Director, Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research
       Professor, Biology

       Areas of Expertise: Marine Ecology & Effects Monitoring



      Dr. Richard Karsten

       Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
       Acadia Centre for Mathematical Modelling
       & Computation

       Area of Expertise: Resource Assessment



       Dr. Graham Daborn

       Professor Emeritus, Biology

       Area of Expertise: Environmental Studies


      Dr. John Colton

      Professor, Community Development Program

      Areas of Expertise: Sustainable Community Development
      Socio-Economic Impacts of Marine Renewable Energy


       Dr. Shelley MacDougall

       Professor Emeritus, Business Administration

       Areas of Expertise: Finance
       Socio-Economic Impacts of Marine Renewable Energy

















Researchers / Staff

      Meghan Swanburg, EIT

      Project Environmental Engineer



      Haley Viehman,

      Post-doctoral Fellow



Current & Recent Students



Student Supervisor Level of study Completion year Thesis Title
Caitlin Peace-Williams John Colton MRM 2018

Social License and Tidal Energy Development in Nova Scotia, Canada

Mike Adams Anna Redden BSc Hons 2017 New Drifter and Hydrophone Techniques for Monitoring Atlantic Harbour Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) Activity in High Flow Environments
Matthew Baker Anna Redden MSc 2017

Temporal Patterns in Fish Presence and Abundance at Intertidal Weirs in Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy -Working Title

Andrew Balzer Richard Karsten/Pritam Ranjan MSc 2015

A Statistical Perspective on Calibration of Computer Models with Tidal Power Application

Freya Keyser Anna Redden MSc 2015

Patterns in the Movement and Distribution of Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) in Minas Basin and Minas Passage

Peter Porschamp Anna Redden MSc 2015 Detecting and Assessing Trends in Harbour Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) Presence In and Near the FORCE Test Site 
Jeremy Broome Anna Redden MSc 2014 Population Characteristics of Striped Bass in Minas Basin and Patterns of Acoustically Detected Movements within Minas Passage
Kaycee Morrison

Anna Redden

MSc 2014 Habitat and seasonal movements of the American lobster, Homarus americanus, in the Minas Basin and Minas Passage of the upper Bay of Fundy
Krystle Nowe

Shelley MacDougall / Richard Karsten

BSc Hons 2014 A Model for the Estimation of Emergency Maintenance Cost for a 10 MW Tidal Energy Conversion Installation
Aidan Bharath Richard Karsten BSc Hons 2014 3-dimensional finite volume ocean coastal modelling of the Grand Passage
Jude McConnell Richard Karsten BSc Hons 2013 Tidal energy: how turbine tuning affects power generation and the environment
Mitchell O'Flaherty-Sproul Richard Karsten MSc 2013 New high and low resolution numerical models of the tidal currents through the Digby Neck passages
Lisa Visentine Shelley MacDougall BBA 2013 Capital Investment Evaluation of Renewable Energy Technology: A Finance Perspective
Melissa Beattie Shelley MacDougall BSc Hons 2012 Risk and Risk Mitigation for the Tidal Energy Industry
Natasha Furey Shelley MacDougall BBA 2012 Economic cost-benefit analysis and financing for Tidal Energy Conversion
Lauren Fogarty Anna Redden BSc Hons 2012 Listening in the fast lane: detecting harbour porpoise activity in the Minas Passage
Amanda Swan Richard Karsten BSc Hons 2011 Modeling power output for tidal turbines
Amber Corkum Richard Karsten BSc Hons 2011 Particle swarm optimization applied to tidal turbine placement in the Minas Passage
Megan Lickley Richard Karsten BSc Hons 2009

Determining the potential for tidal power in the Bay of Fundy and optimizing turbine placement




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