About Us

The Acadia Tidal Energy Institute (ATEI) is a non-profit organization conducting tidal energy research, training, education and outreach to promote responsible approaches to tidal energy development.


Our Vision


ATEI envisions a world that benefits responsibly from tidal energy.


Our Mission

To advance knowledge of tidal energy that respects the environment and supports socioeconomic prosperity by leading and disseminating collaborative, objective research - regionally, nationally and internationally.


Core Services

The Acadia Tidal Energy Institute (ATEI) provides a variety of services related to tidal energy development such as research and public and professional education on all of the Institute's core areas of work and outreach. ATEI has experience investigating and reporting on the feasibility and impacts of small- and industrial-scale tidal energy development. Outreach, education and research activities focus on:

  • Tidal Energy Resource Assessment;
  • Research on Marine Environments and the Environmental Impacts of Tidal Energy;
  • Socioeconomic Impacts of Tidal Energy Development;
  • Education and Public Engagement on Tidal Energy;
  • Investment and financing of tidal energy; and
  • Sustainable Community Development.

Much of ATEI's work also relates to communication, collaboration, education and public outreach with regards to tidal energy and tidal energy research. The Institute is working to ensure that information about local tidal energy and tidal energy research is readily available, to create a better understanding of the costs, benefits, opportunities and risks of tidal energy.


Our History

Acadia’s link to tidal power stretches back to 1915! Click on the image below to for an interactive timeline of the history of tidal energy research at Acadia University.