Tidal Energy Community Engagement Handbook

Successfully implementing tidal-based marine renewable energy projects in Nova Scotia will largely depend on the level of community engagement. However, in most instances community and stakeholder engagement is poorly planned and underfunded. The Tidal Energy Community Engagement Handbook was developed to support community and stakeholder engagement for the Community Feed-in Tariff program and to specifically support those projects related to tidal energy development.

This handbook provides a step-by-step guide to community engagement for usage by all stakeholders involved in tidal power development including municipal, provincial, industry and academic interests.

The handbook provides a series of steps to guide the development of your community engagement planning.

These steps include the following:

1. Setting the Stage for Community Development

2. Developing the Community Engagement Plan

3. Implementing the Engagement Plan

The checklists and appendices provide templates that provide direct support for development of an engagement plan. These tools can be modified to suit the needs of your planning strategy. In using these tools / templates, please remember that community and stakeholder engagement cannot be approached in cookie-cutter fashion. A great deal of effort and planning should go into each step of the engagement process. The checklists and templates in this handbook provide a method for organizing and recording your community engagement planning.

Tidal Energy Community Engagement Handbook (pdf)