Tidal Energy Resource Assessment Map for Nova Scotia

Project Lead Investigator: Dr. Richard Karsten, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Acadia University

Project Partners: OEER/OETR (now OERA)

Project Goal: To use numerical simulations and theoretical calculations to predict the power that can be extracted from the flow through a passage and the reduction in flow through the passage.

Duration: March 2012 - October 2012

Summary of Activities: It gives power estimates along with a first measure of the environmental impact of extracting tidal energy from the system. In particular, the new power estimates are considerably higher for two passages, Minas Channel and Digby Gut, while the estimates for other passages are similar to previous results. Overall, it is estimated there is a potential power extraction of 2,000 MW in the Minas Channel, 50 to 100 MW in the Digby Neck region and 1 to 2 MW in Cape Breton.

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