Workshops and Educational Forums



An Acadia Lifelong Learning (ALL) Course presented by Dr. Graham Daborn. As we attempt to move away from dependence on fossil fuels, the enormous energy resources of the oceans have become of major interest. Options include: offshore wind, offshore solar power, waves, tidal range lagoons, tidal currents, and ocean thermal energy conversion. This course will survey these technologies, their environmental and social implications, and the potential applications and costs. There will naturally be some emphasis on the present interests in tidal stream and tidal range ideas for Nova Scotia.

Date: 2015/02/17 - 2015/03/17



An Acadia Lifelong Learning (ALL) Course presented by Dr. Richard Karsten. Nova Scotia is examining the possibility of generating electricity from the Bay of Fundy tides. Our world's highest tides could be an incredible source of green electricity. But where exactly does this energy come from. This course will examine what causes tides, why the tides in the Bay of Fundy are so high, how we can extract power from the tides, and how much power we might be able to generate. The goal is to gain a better understanding of the physics of the Bay of Fundy, so that a more informed opinion of exploiting this energy source can be made.

Date: 2014/10/02 - 2014/10/23


Gulf of Maine Institute (GOMI) Summer Workshop—2013

In July 2013, Acadia University was pleased to host the 2013 GOMI Workshop Conference. Tidal Energy was one of the six theme team offerings for Summer Workshop and Dr. Anna Redden presented on the Bay of Fundy and tidal energy development to group of dedicated youth interested in healthy stewardship for the Gulf of Maine and its watershed.

Date: 2013/06/30 – 2013/07/06


2013 Nova Scotia Tidal Energy Research Symposium & Forum

Organized by ATEI, the Fundy Energy Research Network (FERN) and the Offshore Energy Research Network (OERA), the symposium provided a forum for over 100 people engaged in tidal energy related research and activities in Nova Scotia to discuss and share their findings and insights. The two day event included updates, overviews and presentations on local projects, focused break-out sessions, panel discussions and networking opportunities. The symposium proceedings and oral presentation slides can be found on the FERN website.

Date: 2013/05/14 – 2013/05/15


Islands Tidal Power Advisory Group

A component of the community engagement project was the creation of the Islands Tidal Power Advisory Group in June 2013 with a mandate to guide and support on-going community engagement on Brier and Long Islands and Digby Neck with respects to tidal energy development and broader sustainable socioeconomic development.

Date: Formed June 2013


Fundy Tidal Energy Environmental Monitoring Tools and Systems Technical Workshop—2012

On January 10th 2012, a 2-day technical experts workshop was held in Halifax that focused on tidal energy environmental monitoring tools and systems to address the Bay of Fundy tidal energy science needs, challenges and gaps in monitoring technologies, and instrument and infrastructure requirements for effective monitoring in high flow, high energy locations. Organized by ATEI, FERN, FORCE and Ocean Networks Canada Centre for Enterprise and Engagement (ONCCEE), the workshop brought together representatives from the industry and development sectors with knowledge on marine environmental monitoring /systems and emerging technologies and Canada and US scientists with expertise in marine environmental monitoring. 

Date: 2012/01/10 – 2012/01/12